Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 18 - translation online, rrd is next

Heard back from Valery. He said the translation is good but there are places where it could be improved. So, I'm waiting for his comments. As of now, he authorized me to publish it as "beta" (which I did). So, it's officially available as Development of modules for nginx.

So, now you guys are wondering what I'm going to be up to... Well, the next step is pretty obvious: I'm going to give a try at my first nginx module. And to start I decided to go for something really useless: a HttpRRDModule. It's probably slightly better than HttpHelloWorldModule but barely. So, the idea is that when this module is enabled on a location (a nginx concept but roughly a URL), it will provide a REST-like API to a RRDtool database. If you POST data, it will be inserted in the database and if you GET this URL, you will have a nice RRD graph. This is useless as I could probably come up with a solution that works in an hour or two with CGI or one of the existing RRDtool bindings (Perl, Python, PHP). But that would not belong to this blog then. And it would not help me understand the russian web server on steroids we all love. Therefore, I'm doing it the hard way: one nginx module with direct calls to the RRDtool API (which I will have to learn for the occasion).

So, here we go:
yum install rrdtool rrdtool-devel


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