Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 2 - building nginx, Evan Miller and Valery Kholodkov

Did the "basic" yum install:
yum install gcc make autoconf.
Was not enough. Looks like I need a few extra things:
  • Perl Compatible RegEx:
    yum install pcre-devel
  • and Open SSL:
    yum install openssl-devel
Now, the usual configure && make and everything works. Looks like at least I got the thing compiled. It was not that difficult after all...

Looking at the official website, I found a pretty interesting piece of documentation : Emiller's guide to nginx module develoment. Love the part about Batman. Not that I find the analogy very pertinent (sorry Evan) but it's mind catching and fun. Besides that, the thing is clear and well written (from what I can tell). Wish I could do the same. Kudos to Evan (the firstname of my 5-year-old "lover", if anyone cares ;)) Miller.

There is another interesting page from Valery Kholodkov: Development of modules for nginx. Only one caveat... It's in russian and I don't speak russian. So, as I won't learn russian, I'm just going to get some help from google translate and based on what gets out plus some code reading (can speak K&R C better than russian ), I'll try to translate the document myself. It feels like I'm at this stage where I'm going to pay back to the community all (or part of, at least) I got from it. I'll keep you posted and I hope I will avoid the main translation traps (the italians say "traduttore, tradittore", ie translators are traitors).

And one more thing (after that I'll be done for today): Valery started a blog of his own. It's called nginx guts. If you are really interested in nginx itnernals, you're probably better off reading his blog than mine. Now if you want to follow me in my discovery of nginx, feel free to keep reading... ;)

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