Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 4 - subscription to development mailing list and nginx code cross-referenced

Subscribed to the english development mailing list and looked a bit at the archive/stats. The russian mailing list is definitely more active than the english one. And after starting to translate Valery's page (even with help from google translate and babelfish) I know I won't pick up Russian just by reading it...

This project being so tightly coupled to russian probably explains why it took so long for such a killer thing to make it out in the wild and be recognized and used by the community. Nobody likes using something which all the documentation is in a language they don't understand. But obviously, a lot of effort went there over the past few years. At least for the "user's guide/manual" part. The hardcore stuff (architecture, coding of modules, etc.) is still not that obvious. And don't expect any help from the comments in the code : there is almost none...

The fact that there does not seem to be any official code repository for it is probably another reason why it took so long taking off.

So, I'm working on the translation and as I don't speak russian (already mentioned that), I had to look up the code. There is a very handy cross-reference of the code online. It's on an old code base (0.8.20 vs. 0.8.54(stable)/0.9.2(dev)) but it's here : nginx code cross-reference. Very handy if you don't have a modern IDE handy.

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